Monday, July 27, 2015

This Picture Needs A Title

The patterns used in FLW1 and Human Spectrum 2 re-appear here, but with rather different intention. What exactly that intention was is more difficult to explain. I had just finished the "Self-Portrait On A Happy And Creative Occasion" and was still interested in one of the thoughts that lay behind it, which is that we tend to define ourselves in strictly limited ways, and that these are generally not the ones that define us as we like to think we really are. I am male. I am white. I am heterosexual. I am Anglo-Jewish. I am tall. I am a writer and artist. These are the standard self-definers, convenient around a dinner-table for superficial chit-chat, but not the talismanic, not the emblematic, not the mythological. So this picture needs a title, but in truth it can only have one title: Self-Portrait.

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