Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Relative Grey

Back in the day, every artist painted his Crucifixion, his Madonna, his whatever it was that every artist painted, which could have been Impressionistic clouds or Cubist newspapers. Today, in all the contemporary art galleries of the world, you will find at least one Blank Canvas, usually off-white but sometimes in colour, and every artist who daubs it (one does not paint a canvas that is all one colour; one daubs it, the way one daubs the bathroom wall, using a roller-brush made out of foam) believes that it is an original work of genius that nobody had ever thought of before.

Alongside the blank or single-toned canvas you will also find a thousand other imitations of Duchamp, Picasso and Matisse, interspersed with the modern equivalents of the Crucifixion and the Madonna - generally attempts at optical illusion in the style of OpArt. "Relative Grey" is one of these, and I can vouch for having looked at it in at least a dozen galleries around the world. To be counted as an artist in today's world, one has to have contributed another pointless "Relative Grey" to the catalogue. Here, therefore, is mine.

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