Monday, July 27, 2015


This is a companion-piece with "Self-Portrait On A Happy And Creative Occasion". A portrait of the inner life, not the surface of skin and feature let alone the superfice of biography. This is the real inner life, beyond the spiritual and the soulful. This is the elan vital and the carbon of personality. This is the pure gut.

Digital art based on some anatomical drawing found in a school science book. Standard canvas, or larger, digitally constructed. Important when printing to keep the texture of the background, which was achieved by finding photographs of human skin online, and then cutting and pasting sections to make this as authentic as possible. Note the shapes which are entirely natural, integral to the normal human body, but which only become the shapes I have given them because the colouring defines them – shoulders which are feet, feet which are shoulders; the wide-eyed monster at the groin; the intestinal labyrinth; and especially the purple crucifixion with purple crown of thorns comprised of the shoulder-blades and head of what may very well be an incubus or a golem rather than a messiah. As I said – a portrait of the inner life, at its deepest!

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