Saturday, July 18, 2015

Holocaust Memorial

Some of my friends tell me that this is a very naughty painting, but mythologically the Cross and the Swastika were originally two parts of the same, the Tree of Eden and the Flaming Sword that guarded the entrance to the garden, and historically the two are likewise interconnected, the fifteen-hundred year long sermon and pogrom against the Jews ultimately finding its ultimate form in the rhetoric and actions of the Holocaust. Christians don't like to be reminded of their history, whether it be the Blood Libel or the forced conversions, this latter of Meso-Americans as much as it was of Jews, nor the genocides, the apologia for slavery, the racial defence of the subordination and suppression of Africans, or any of the other calumnies perpetrated in the name of the Jew Jesus, for which the Jew Jesus would have condemned them in a sermon on the mount. Nazism was a consequence of Christian ideology, not a separate strand in its own right; that is why, in my version of the swastika, Nazism is most definitely bending the knee to the greater glory of the Cross.

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