Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rabbi Jonathan

For a long time I called this "Shylock", because it fitted the stereotype; but it simply wasn't cartoon enough to provide an ironic retort to anti-Semitism, so I gave it back to Rabbi Jonathan, who sat for it, some time in the early-2000s. This is not the best version. I have the original, which was drawn by hand on the first digital tablet I bought in the early years of the century, and is unquestionably the best sketch from life I have ever made. Later scanned, then printed at 11x8 to frame and hang, I lost the original scan in a computer crash and have retrieved this version from my files for the website. I need to rescan the hanging version, which is larger, clearer and solider; this one has become diminished by being compressed as a JPG. Small canvas.

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