Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Face Of God

Any number of my drawings and paintings down the years have come out of a story I was writing. In this it was the tale of David Sphinx, in "The Unity", one of the pieces collected in "Tall Tales and Short Stories". Having invented him as a painter, and written about some of his paintings, it seemed only logical to execute them, though the philosophical mysticism which that story was satirising obviously cannot be conveyed in the stand-alone picture, which I also used as the cover of that book.

The original was origami, in the manner of Matisse, but I worried that the glue would dilapidate in time, leaving me with frayed and dog-eared edges, or pieces fallen out like teeth, and so I scanned the piece and digitally touched up the uncomfortable joins which scanning left behind. Thirty-five years later, safe inside a plastic folder in my portfolio, the original is still intact.

And why "The Face of God"? I'm afraid you will have to feed me royalties by purchasing the book if you want an answer to that question.

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