Friday, July 17, 2015

Dungeon Door

"Castle Gate" began this sequence, "Dark Dungeon" and "Down in the Dungeon" complete it. What is always the most interesting about castles is not the battlements and casements above ground, where fantasy knights in white armour played spear-polo for the favours of an imaginary goddess-in-human-flesh, but the reality beneath the fairy-tale, the dark hinterland, which human beings foolishly divide into good-versus-evil, but are really the interplay of both at once, the oscillations and modulations between parts of ourselves, that can manifest themselves in either form. So we took the children by the hand and led them down the spiral staircase into the dungeon, much as Virgil led Dante and Captain Ahab led able-bodied-seaman Ishmael and Shakespeare led Macbeth, deep into Hecate's realm where the shades of Banquo loomed.

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