Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Pencil sketch from the late 1970s or perhaps early 1980s. I still have the original in a sketchbook somewhere. As a likeness of Escher it didn’t really work – but the eyes seem to me to be quite haunting and the egg-shape of the mirror works well, even if no mirror in the world was ever made that crookedly! This is a scan of the original, untouched-up. Very small canvas works best.

Down among the abstracts elsewhere in this gallery you will find my "Escher Triangle", which was the result of hundreds of hours spent, trying to work out whether those extraordinary works of his were the consequence of mathematics or illusion, or indeed both. The poor quality of the drawing here is compensated by the degree of hero-worship there, though I remain unconvinced that Art has to be Art in order for it to be "valid".

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