The height of vanity - to set up one's own digital art gallery, and post the drawings and pictures made over forty years. Like vanity publishing. Yet nothing like the level of vanity that a person can achieve by having a "genuine" art gallery or a "genuine" publisher take up your work - "genuine" being a euphemism for "somebody who thinks they can make money out of you". I prefer the vanity of self-publishing, which does not include somebody, usually a committee, telling me how to re-write my books for the benefit of their profit maximisation, or what is fashionable to call Art this week.

What you will find on these pages are simply pictures I have made, because making pictures is fun, and the act of making them engenders stillness to a degree that no other activity can offer, at least while still awake.

The works from the first twenty years were made by hand, whether using pen or pencil, crayon or charcoal, occasionally gouache or acrylic. From the mid-90s onwards I have only worked digitally, sometimes drawing and colouring the whole thing, sometimes starting with a photograph that I or someone else has taken. Some people do not regard digital art as "real art", which probably means they haven't tried it, and so have no idea that it is just as difficult to make a successful picture with a digital pen or brush as it is with one in non-virtual reality.

For convenience, you can navigate this site randomly, or by genre if you prefer - portraits, abstracts, themed-pictures and cartoons . Just go to the navigation bar on the right hand side and take your pick.

All the pictures have been splashed with the watermark of my publishing house, The Argaman Press, so you will see a slightly obscured image on every occasion - though nothing like so horrible as it will be if you try to make a print or poster out of it. Sorry, but that's how you protect copyright, and all the pictures posted on these pages are copyrighted in my name. 

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