Monday, July 27, 2015

Japanese Ladies

I have no idea who made the original of this, a genuine artist of the floating world or simply some outdoor-worker to the kiddie-books industry. Like "Japanese Street", it came from one of those children's colouring books you can buy in any art store, and which, back in the 1990s when my kids were growing up, we often spent rainy Sunday afternoons colouring in with felt pens. Later I took the two I liked best, scanned them, enlarged them, and then produced them as paintings instead of colour-by-numbers. I think the key to the success of this is less the two ladies than the particular share of blue for the dress of the woman standing up, which is repeated in the frame: 78 parts red, 105 parts green, 141 parts blue, though that is of course meaningless, because it entirely depends on which red, blue and green you are using in the first place.

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