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Frank Lloyd Wright is best known as an architect, but like Robert Adams, the 16
th century architect, engraver and designer for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I who Wright dopplegangers in so many ways, he was obsessively megalomaniacal about every detail of the buildings he created, choosing the pictures that would hang on the walls, even making the crockery and cutlery, and usually nailing the furniture to the floor and walls so it couldn't be replaced by something inferior that he had not designed. 

Wright produced a number of stained glass windows as well as designs for furniture fabrics, curtains, ceramic-ware and more, of which you can see a handful by clicking here. The designs were not only in his personal colours, which are also reflected in the exteriors of the buildings (see my painting of Fallingwater to get an idea of this) but also repeatedly employed the same motifs, which were his personal motifs, created to reflect himself. Lovely idea - why not try it? The result is an act of homage, or perhaps four acts of homage in one, because the rectangles could easily be divided, and each stand as a painting on its own.

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