Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dejeuner sur un table

Does it count as the plagiarising of another artist's painting if all you do is rework the title? I leave that to the copyright lawyers, and simply offer the painting, which started out life as a photograph, turned for a while into a minor jest (in Manet's original the two men are dressed and the woman naked), and ended up as a technical exercise: the balancing of light and dark in such a way that the foreground could be at once pure silhouette and recognisable human form. Best of all I like the wine glass in the front right and the positioning of the signature as though it were a book-spine on the shelf. Least of all I like the idea of people sitting on a table to eat their lunch - manners, ladies. Etiquette. Where were you brought up? In Manet's garden?

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