Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Human Spectrum 2

At one level, this comes from the same sphere as FLW1, except that I did it twenty years earlier, and the true sphere from which it emerged was the art of doodling, specifically the boredom that led to the filling in of the rectangles on a sheet of mathematical paper handed out by a tedious workshop-leader at a conference of school administrators. I had my box of felt pens with me and this passed the time. Years later, when I acquired my first digital tablet and was learning how to use the software, I needed something to practice on, so I scanned the doodle into the computer, and played around with it. There are many who regard digital art as "not the proper thing", but I beg to disagree with them. There are many more who regard doodling as even less describable as Art, and they are probably right; but in both cases it is surely the outcome, not the method, that counts. Who can say that Michelangelo wasn't simply doodling on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, an indoor Banksy of the 16th century?

This is the picture, endlessly repeated, that forms the frame on the cover of this blog.

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