Monday, August 10, 2015


As with Apollinaire, when posting these paintings and drawings on the blog, there are some that obviously belong on the left-hand side of the page, others on the right, a few in the centre - not the sort of aesthetic concern that occupies an artist while making the thing, but suddenly it becomes important, and I guess art gallery curators in the real world have the same issue with walls, and relationships to other paintings on the same wall, or opposite, or the light, or the angle of approach from an elevator or a door. For this one I have gone dead-centre, but it also seems to me that, because they are twins, there might be a case for posting two copies, one on the left and one on the right, or perhaps - why not? - a reverse image with the yellow twin on the left and the purple twin on the right. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this! Maybe I already did that with Apollinaire, and artists should try not to repeat themselves. (Maybe twins are the exception to that rule)

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