Monday, August 10, 2015

Chinese Plant 2

There are things one paints because one is simply driven to it - my African collection for example. There are things one paints because the need to paint is there, and this is what came out. There are things one paints because they are technically difficult, and one wants to try to master that technique. There are things one paints, as on several occasions in this collection, because one is bored. And then there are the things one paints because it is Sunday, and raining, and this looks like it could be fun, not just the shapes but especially the colours, the multiple shades of green, the decision to make the leaves in the background grey, and then the strong contrast with those powerful reds and yellows. The sort of thing that lives at the heart of the Japanese and Chinese traditions, but is considered little more than embroidery or textile design in the European.

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