Monday, August 10, 2015

Mobius Faces

Ah but she was one stern lady, glamorous and elegant and sophisticated, but stern, and I really do mean stern. "If you are going to sit there through my seminar doodling," she muttered, soundlessly, as she sidled past the table where five of us were theoretically assessing three very different cases of what was either ADD or ADHD or Asperges Syndrome; the task was for us to determine which we thought it was, and how we would handle such a child in our classrooms. I carried on doodling, because that is what I do when I am forced to sit still for several hours, and concentrate; the doodling helps me focus, where she thought it was simply me distracted, and no doubt she would have diagnosed either ADD or ADHD, but she would have been wrong, because I was not seeking attention. When she sidled by the second time, she stopped and looked, and smiled, but said nothing. Then came another exercise, in which we were each handed a number of Mobius strips, and asked to think of a creative way to employ them in a High School classroom that was neither Maths nor Science nor Art. I could see little point to the exercise, but a great deal of creative possibility. I used the scissors to cut the strips into the shape of a face - her face - and spent the remainder of the session colouring them in.

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