Monday, October 12, 2015


One of the great Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, in the Laurel mountains of southern Pennsylvania. I went there with Nina, because Nina is an architect who is also an acolyte of FLW, which meant that I got to see the place through the eye of somebody who really understood what we were looking at. The colours all belong to FLW's palette, achieved by scouring the Internet for stained glass windows he had made, and other designs as well as buildings, and opening them in a paint programme that included a colour editor; the variations in quantities of primary colour mixed with pigment turned out to be minimal, and I used the median for my construction. In addition, if you zoom in, you will see various pieces of FLW that are not part of Fallingwater, but which I added or incorporated to make the greater homage.

A longer essay on FLW can be found in "Travels In Familiar Lands"; or will be found, as the book is not yet published.

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