Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pattern 2

I have placed this in the series "The Artist Was Bored", but really there should be a separate category, "The Meeting-Attender Was Bored", because this is another of the many doodles that emerged from, well dozens of meetings actually, over a period of many weeks. As a teacher, as a Headmaster, as a member of an educational or cultural Board or sub-committee, we humans condemn ourselves to the torment and torture of these events with absurd regularity, sitting around a table which is chaired by some total incompetent who couldn't organise a lay in a brothel let alone this multi-million dollar fund-raiser or this Halloween party, companioned by people just as bored as you are, who have absolutely nothing to contribute but feel impelled to contribute it anyway, at length, repeating themselves at least three times, until a meeting that could have been done-and-dusted in three emails has dragged on for two hours and produced only the traditional camel that was meant to be a horse.

To retain my patience, and my equilibrium, I doodle. Sometimes I just doodle, but that can be even more uncreatively mind-numbing than the meeting. So I go online and fill up some of the empty time hunting for black-and-white images that I can download and colour in - the choice of which bits to colour in, and in what colours, and whether or not to move parts of the original around, or change them, as I have done here, is the part that adds creativity to the exercise. I have no idea who created the original of this, but thank you, and sorry if I've breached your copyright in any way.

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